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Energy (Power to X)

Energy (Power to X)

Power to X stands for all technologies that are able to process and store surplus electricity from renewable sources to produce gas “Power to gas” (P2G), liquid fuels “Power to liquid” (P2L) and chemical precursors “Power to chemicals” (P2C) to replace fossil fuels. The main raw material for all P2X technologies is ultrapure water – from which green hydrogen (H2), as the basic raw material for all other P2X technologies– is generated using surplus green electricity. Ultrapure water is the most important resource for the delivery of “green hydrogen”, and thus for all P2X products, too.

Technische Anlage mit der überschüssiger Strom aus erneuerbaren Energien gespeichert werden kann
Wasseraufbereitung mittels Power to X


Generating sufficient quantities of ultrapure water of an appropriate quality is crucial for the entire P2G process. High system availability and short repair times are essential, of course.

Detailed engineering with redundant design, optimised stocks of spare parts, use of reliable and tested components and extensive monitoring of process parameters (pressure, flow, temperature, etc.) ensure extremely high system availability. We guarantee product and process safety.

The purification of the drinking water for the final PEM electrolysis is carried out in several process stages, adjusted to suit the existing water quality with detailed engineering and the use of combined process technology such as:

Prefiltration (backwash filter, gravel filter, ultrafiltration)

Water softening units or antiscalant dosing

CO2 removal with membrane degassing

Demineralisation > 99 % by reverse osmosis

Full demineralisation in a second RO stage or by electrodeionisation (CEDI)

Process water circulation purification for continuous demineralisation to < 0.1 µS/cm and particle filtration < 1 µm

Degassing system for removal of residual H2 and O2

Process water feed system with storage tank and pressure boosting units

Process water cooling system (optional)

Modular components with capacities of 5 - 330 l/min for the generator systems

Process water circulation purification for up to 2,000 l/min

An elementary feature of our systems is the integrated circulation purification for recycling the contaminated process water,with the process water being degassed and demineralised at a maximum temperature of 65 °C and an operating pressure of up to 50 bar. All of our systems are modular to allow for individual system integration into the overall concept.

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