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It is not only the generator systems, but also our components developed in-house with our many years of experience that ensure that your pharmaceutical water system runs smoothly and safely.

Komponenten mit Wärmetauscher im Detail


Our ozone generators are compact and versatile and can be scaled in a range from 0.8 g O3/h to 10.0 g O3/h:

Generation of high purity ozone directly from water (in situ) using solid electrolytes (PEM technology)

High ozone concentrations, precisely dosable with optional analysis-guided display of the ozone production rate

Modular design (1.5 to 5 g O3/h per cell), up to 40 g O3/h (1 master and 7 slave units)

Optional integrated ozone analysis with comprehensive, internal measurement data storage and safe logic

Materials and seals according to FDA (CFR) 21, 177.1550

10“ touch screen, language selection: German, English

Monitoring and display of flow, pressure and conductivity

Ozonerzeuger und Generator


Our pharmaceutical-compliant heat exchangers are specially designed for your application and, thanks to their compact design, are also easy to integrate into existing systems.
Our heat exchangers are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications, as simple shell-and-tube or DTS heat exchangers.

cGMP-compliant according to current pharmaceutical standards

Made of 316L stainless steel with dead space free construction

DTS technology in accordance with regulatory requirements

Insulation with stainless steel jacket

Connections in accordance with DIN 11864

Wärmetauscher pharmakonform aus Edelstahl
Pharmakonformer Wärmetauscher aus Edelstahl


The active reduction of microorganisms with ultraviolet radiation is triggered by photochemical reactions on the nucleic acid of the microorganisms without requiring addition of foreign substances. The associated modification of the DNA prevents cell division of the microorganisms,

meaning they can no longer multiply and are therefore no longer harmful to health. In addition to UV systems with a wavelength of 254 nm for disinfection and ozone reduction, we also supply systems with a wavelength of 185 nm, used to degrade organic components.


Made of 316L stainless steel with dead space free construction

DVGW (German Association for gas and water applications) sensor

Aseptic connections in accordance with DIN 11864

Edelstahl UV-System zur Desinfektion und Ozonreduktion

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