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Remote Service


Our remote service provides prompt and efficient support when service is required.
This allows us to remedy any faults that may occur before they escalate and cause production downtimes or reduce the quality of the treated water. The risk of unplanned downtime is thus minimised – saving time and cutting the costs incurred until the fault is rectified.

Servicemitarbeiter bei der Wartung

Our services

Remote check

Settings verification

Software update installation

Support with on-site troubleshooting

Assistance with resolving faults

Parameter adjustment

Your service agreement can also include our remote service. We generally recommend the remote service option when configuring the water treatment system with the corresponding hardware components.


Our remote service system establishes a secure data connection between the system controller and our experts, who can then sign in to your system and get an overview of its current condition in no time.

The data connection can connect to most control components such as PLCs or HMIs.

A data connection is agreed in advance and established via a secure VPN connection.

Do you need further information or have any further questions? We look forward to hearing from you!

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