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Letzner and Werner are now
EnviroFALK PharmaWaterSystems

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Back in 2018, Wilhelm Werner GmbH joined the EnviroWater Group family, and LETZNER followed in their footsteps last year. Up to that point, both of them were successful competitors in the pharmaceutical water market. There was also mutual respect – even back then there was a saying that “the main thing is that the water purification system comes from the Bergisches Land region in Germany”.

Since both companies became part of the EnviroWater Group, we have combined our portfolios and identified the countless common interfaces. But it wasn’t just our portfolio that reflected our common ground. We soon discovered how close we actually were at a human level, too, and it didn’t take long before we were sure that we have a great future together!

Since September 2020 we have no longer been competitors, but partners, and now we will use the synergies we have and work together to continue to develop as a single strong entity that plays a leading role in the market.

There was one thing we were able to agree on right away: Our systems and solutions will continue to be “Made in Germany”, so that we can guarantee top quality and outstanding reliability. Of course, we will continue to develop our portfolio, because we are confident that we complement each other perfectly. We will be able to position ourselves more broadly and professionally and always offer the right solution for our customers,
so they can rest assured that the changes will only have a positive impact on our cooperation.

Our customers and employees can therefore be sure that the changes will only have a positive effect on further cooperation.

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