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CIP systems & CIP monitoring


We design CIP systems according to your individual needs and specifications or work with you to design the CIP system during the project phase of other ultrapure media units, or we tailor your systems for pharmaceutical water treatment – with all necessary components such as preparation tanks, dosing stations, feed pumps, heat exchangers, sampling points and any sensors required.
The system design encompasses a range of components to ensure that both the cleaning solution and the substances removed from the process systems can be completely removed from the CIP system, too.
The fully automated cleaning process ensures that multiple batches are cleaned with consistently high precision and allows targeted validation of the entire cleaning process.

CIP-Anlage für Reinigungsprozesse


LetzAnalyze CIP is a measuring system that can monitor various CIP systems simultaneously with fully automated analysis of the final rinse. The measuring system consists of the following main components:

Online conductivity samples (one sample per CIP system

Online TOC analyser LetzTOC

Fully automated sample collection for offline analysis in the laboratory

Monitoring of filling level and correct connection of sample collection bottles

Installation of a hygiene pump in non-circulating CIP systems

Connections, pipelines, and programming for fully automated system drying with purified, compressed air after pure steam sterilisation

Connections, pipelines, and programming for fully automated pure steam sterilisation of the pipelines

PLC control, data documentation and remote maintenance with industrial PC (21 CFR Part 11)

Mobiles LetzAnalyse System
LetzAnalyse Anlage im Detail

The measuring system can be used as a mobile unit and serves to accelerate the cleaning validation process and continuously monitor the entire CIP process, in line with the FDA’s PAT (Process Analytical Technologies) initiative. The fully automated sampling system integrated into the measuring system can significantly reduce the risk of contamination during sample collection. There is also the opportunity for significant savings in cleaning agents and pharmaceutical water.

TOC measurement

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