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Ultrapure steam generators


Ultrapure steam for sterilisation is required in various quantities in a range of pharmaceutical processes. We plan, develop, and design your system based on the pressure range you need and the desired capacities for reliable sterilisation of components, piping or medical devices.

Reinstdampferzeuger gemäß EN 285 zur thermischen Entgasung von Speisewasser

Generating pure stream in accordance with EN 285

The thermal degassing of feed water removes all non-condensing gasses in accordance with EN 285. The steam is produced by an external heat exchanger. The slow rate at which the steam rises within the pressure column ensures optimal droplet separation.

Just as with the generation of WFI, the heat exchangers, which are operated by process steam and cooling water in a secondary loop with impure media, are designed as shell-and-tube heat exchangers with a double base. This almost completely rules out any risk of pure and impure media mixing.


Our pure steam generators also allow you to benefit from an intelligent stand-by system: for minimum waiting times during standard operation. This will provide you with the pure steam you need, with attention to the technical details offering clear advantages during operation.

Anti-rouging concept

Blowdown < 1%

Full insulation

Natural circulation process: no burning-in of impurities

Technische Anlage und Reinraum WFI Herstellung

Storage and distribution systems

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