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Ultra Pure Water Process


Depending on the surface finish, end product and process stage, manufactures of semiconductor products and sensitive micro-components for optics, solar power systems and other applications require a wide range of water qualities, but they all boil down to one key product: ULTRA PURE PROCESS WATER with ultra-low concentrations of dissolved ions (≥ 18.2 MΩxcm), low TOC (< 0.5 ppb), absence of particles (< 0.05 µm) and with cation and anion concentrations at the lowest ppt range (< 5 ppt).

Ultra Pure Water Anlage
Reinstwasseranlage für die Herstellung von Halbleiterprodukten und sensitiven Microbauteilen für Optik, Solar


With our high and proven engineering expertise,we use a wide range of process technologies so that our HIGH PURITY polisher systems offer the best possible solution – and we’ve been doing so for over 40 years in application-oriented and customer-specific designs at capacities of up to 20 m3/h.

The polishers of these UPW systems, with volumes of up to 600 l, are filled exclusively with high-quality semiconductor-grade high-purity resins. Additional scavengers with TOC absorbers ensure the lowest possible concentration of organic components in ultra-pure water. Additional UV oxidation reduces the TOC to < 0.5 ppb. Materials and wetted materials are individually matched to customer-specific requirements: basic systems with PP piping or advanced systems in PVDF-HP piping (IR Plus® or bead and crevice-free BCF®).

Modular components with capacities of 5- 330 l/min for HIGH PURITY generator systems

Combination of polishing, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, UV disinfection and TOC oxidation

Degassing for oxygen reduction

Minimal particle concentration in the submicron range

Available as a package unit or as modules

Complete with pre-treatment RO-EDI depending on the customer specifications

Optional modular expandability

Reclaim unit for water recovery

Realization of highest exploitation for resource extraction

Controlled by Siemens S7-1200/1500 and ET200-SP with basic HMI or IPC

We can upgrade storage and distribution systems with appropriate measuring and process monitoring equipment to provide complex HIGH PURITY solutions for your sensitive and process-safe ultrapure water applications.

Green Hydrogen

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