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WFI membrane

Reliable concepts for
cold WFI production

As well as producing WFI by distillation, we also offer units that produce WFI using membrane processes: This system has a reverse osmosis membrane stage with downstream electrodeionisation and ultrafiltration.

Querschnitt technische Anlage

Sophisticated concepts: with additional qualification measures

To ensure microbial quality, the design of our system reduces detrimental influences from the outset, while integrating numerous precautions to prevent microbial growth:
Advanced Anlage für Wasser für Injektionszwecke per Membran

One or two UV units with different wavelengths: 254 nm to reduce microorganisms, 185 nm to reduce organic matter.

A high flow rate ensures there is no stagnant water, even when the system is in stand-by.

A minimum number of detachable connections are an integral feature of a well-thought-out and robust, hygienic design.

The entire system is made of high quality AISI 316L stainless steel

Ozone resistant ceramic modules are generally used for ultrafiltration in a patented procedure. This not only ensures that the ultrafiltration can undergo chemical sanitisation in addition to thermal sanitisation, but can also route the ozone generated right into the pre-treatment unit, thus actively preventing contamination at the feed water inlet. Alternatively, we use tried and trusted hollow fibre modules as used in countless established applications with highly purified water.

We offer our customers various fully automatic sanitisation concepts that meet EMA requirements.

Technische Anlage für Wasser für Injektionszwecke
You can also count on exceptionally reliable product quality for cold WFI-production processesand sophisticated system concepts with a hygienic design that can hold back microorganisms and endotoxins.

Complies with all EMA and Ph. Eur. requirements

Ozonisable ceramic ultrafiltration with automated integrity test

Aseptic connections in accordance with DIN 11864

Reynolds number > 10,000 even in stand-by

Volume-controlled: 10-100%

Online TOC measurement, optionally available for feed water

Automatic pressure difference measurement

You want to know more about cold WFI-production?

You can find our brochure about the new production method here.
MWFI brochure

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